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Internal Communications

Organizational success is often linked to an inspiring vision, a clear mission and strong values. Employee engagement is essential to an organization's success.

Inside every company, there are plenty of stories to tell. Be sure to tell the right ones.
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Campaign: Elements for Success

The Situation
A quickly growing global environmental laboratory with locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Asia and Europe experienced a number of rapid and large acquisitions. This left employees feeling disengaged, and confidence was low.
The Challenge
Increase employee morale, enhance service quality and performance, and create an improved working environment with better communication and positive reinforcement.
The Solution
A multifaceted campaign using graphics related to the Periodic Table of Elements was developed to focus on company values like Commitment, Teamwork, Communication, Responsibility and Attitude. Each employee was given a physical representation of the campaign — an "Elements for Success" Rubik's Cube — as a reminder of the program's intention and company pledge.
The Results
Directly from the client: "The use of the Periodic Table to outline key performance factors was genius and was relatable to the staff. The activities behind each element allowed employees to participate individually or in a group to highlight their leadership and technical skills. This program was structured to meet company objectives, but also included enough flexibility for location managers to modify as needed to meet cultural differences. As acquisitions continued in other countries, "Elements for Success" was adopted in Australia, Asia and Europe. The results were outstanding and the campaign really focused on giving us the needed structure and tools to achieve our goals, and our team members had fun in the process."
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