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Brand Implementation
Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. To build and maintain a strong, cohesive brand, it must be continually reinforced in all communications — outbound and inbound.

Whatever the communication, be consistent so the brand identity doesn't get muddled.

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Objective: Develop and implement new brand identity
The Situation
A new logo was developed, but a logo is not a brand, nor is it the brand's identity.
The Challenge
The next step was to develop the brand identity — the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. The continuous and consistent application of the brand's image in all business units, communication channels and media is one of the toughest exercises a company can go through.
The Solution
An overall look and feel was designed for consistent use across all business units and product lines. The major brand color — orange — was strategically used on a white background to make the most out of the corporate color. Silver was added as an accent color to reinforce the company's technology. A grid system was established to create a cohesive, organized impression.
The Results
The new identity was then applied to all brand touchpoints such as building signage, equipment, vehicles, advertising, literature systems, trade show exhibitions and clothing. The completed brand implementation helped the company establish a strong, consistent brand in the marketplace with extremely high recognition.
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